LED Tri-Proof Light And The Traditional Three Anti-Lights Compared To The Advantages


LED Tri-proof Light and the traditional Tri-proof Light compared to what advantages? Why now more people favor LED Tri-proof Light, and the traditional Tri-proof Light more and more attention? Let Xiaobian slowly said today:

From the light source to see; the traditional Tri-proof Light match the light source is fluorescent tubes, and the shortcomings of fluorescent tubes are known, that is, short life, high damage rate, light decline, high power consumption. In today's people to pursue energy-saving situation, the traditional three light is clearly not meet the needs of people, by the LED Tri-proof Light replacement is an inevitable trend.

Compared with the traditional Tri-proof Light, LED Tri-proof Light is a bit just for the traditional Tri-proof Light to improve the shortcomings, it can be said is based on the traditional Tri-proof Light improved. LED light source is the LED light source, LED light source is well known, that is, long life, about 100,000 hours; energy saving; light decline small; safe and reliable, easy to damage.

Of course, things tend to have advantages and disadvantages. Ordinary three anti-lighting advantage is the low cost, the initial investment costs less, but the use of extremely expensive; LED Tri-proof Light costs, although higher, but in the course of the use of absolute cheaper than the ordinary three anti-energy Up to 50%, so the late use of the cost will be able to save the cost of the province.