How To Choose A High-Quality LED Tri-Proof Light?


The current LED Tri-proof Light on the market price of the business reported far from the price, and say how good their own products, as an outsider to choose how to use the LED Tri-proof Light to determine whether the quality of light standards? LED Tri-proof Light lighting quality to see a few parameters:

1, light failure, better LED Tri-proof Light lamps in 25000 hours before the light fade <30%; determine the main factors of light failure is the light source is good or bad, the difference between the cooling structure; foreign original packaging high-power light source, such as CREE light source light attenuation is better than the domestic package of light source, as the layman generally do not see the light source, a simple way to judge the main price, foreign original package of light source than the domestic package of light source price much higher; so to buy quality Good LED Tri-proof Light fixtures must provide light source manufacturers information.

2, light efficiency, that is, the number of dollars per watt, unit LM / W, he is to reflect the energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps, the higher the luminous efficiency. At present, the light effect of LED Tri-proof Light and compact fluorescent light efficiency and almost the same, with the LED Tri-proof Light control efficiency, CREE this year, the amount of output 186lm / w light source.

3, the light source, is the high power LED Tri-proof Light or straw hat or piranha-type LED Tri-proof Light; LED Tri-proof Light lighting with high power LED Tri-proof Light as a light source, the price is higher; and straw hat or piranha Type LED Tri-proof Light price is very cheap, not suitable for lighting class lighting source.

4, drive power, good drive power can guarantee the life of the overall lighting, LED Tri-proof Light lamp theoretical life is 100,000 hours and the general drive power life of less than 100,000 hours; in order to ensure the overall life of the lamp, the power supply is also a key Ring; the other side of the LED Tri-proof Light must be constant current drive, if the use of low-cost constant voltage drive will shorten the LED Tri-proof Light life.

How to choose a high-quality LED Tri-proof Light, consumers are more concerned about the problem, according to the above factors to buy several factors, you can try to avoid the impact of poor quality LED Tri-proof Light, Lamps and lanterns.