Beacon A New Generation Of Three-Proof Optical Fiber And Cable Product Debut


Beijing, April 28 today, "China fiber? cable world-war launches of a new generation of optical fiber and cable products" held in Beijing. Meet the transport needs of the new series of optical fibre and cable products and solutions focused on appearance, including 3LA (low loss large area, low loss and large effective area) stealth cables, FAST moving cable, optical fiber and cable, high-altitude permafrost cable, stainless steel with GYTA53 prevention fiber used in fiber-optic cable and device. Mark fiberhome telecommunication needs for next generation transmission of optical fiber and cable has passed the test, entered the mature stage of business.

Zisen, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, the ITU SG15 Deputy Chairman, Yu Shaohua, Director of the China Institute of Communications Optical Communications Committee, cable test methods for mechanical properties, founder of University of posts and telecommunications, China Professor in the forest, Song Zhituo, Director of the China Institute of communications communications line Committee attended the Conference.