Dewey 4K/Outdoor Proof-Carrying Laser Engineering In Projector


4K laser engineering projector, and outdoor three laser engineering projector is by in the depending on di Granville independent development of high-end laser projection equipment, used laser light and projection light machine separation design, has super high output brightness, and super high resolution, and super long using life and very high color saturated degrees, characteristics, currently single flux output can up 40000 lumens, resolution rate can up 4096*2160, support concentrated control and remote management, can 7*24 hours continuous work, light using life can up 20,000 hours above, Equal energy consumption less than conventional high-end projection equipment energy consumption 50% light output, three outdoor projector laser engineering are waterproof, dust-proof, shock-proof design, stable and reliable, safe, and energy-saving advantage, is a projection industry entered its fourth generation digital super high definition, large size, full color fields, use ground-breaking products. This exhibition, as Dewey provides two sets of 4K in laser engineering projector for Double Fusion, to show visitors a phenomenal picture.

This times exhibition in the depending on di Granville show out global first of three laser projector, it can relies on city various large logo sex building building information synchronization, and real-time interactive, and unique charm of high clarity Super big picture information show platform and depending on news window, can flexible, and convenient to application Yu city landscaping, and bright of engineering; to colorful, and streamer spill color of gorgeous picture show city of culture, and style, and spirit and charm, build city landscape or tourism highlights, interpretation city of characteristics and connotation, interpretation building of culture charm, Highlight the city's competitiveness and the competitive differences between the city and the city to make more cultural connotation and characteristics of urban landscape.

Addition, in the depending on Dewey also show has for Beidou monitoring industry tailored set business of laser big screen monitoring displayed solution programme, the system can convenient to and Beidou system equipment even control, performance stable, and can extended sex strong, system has super strong of color reproduction capacity, can effective improve infrared night depending on Imaging effect, system can used single or more machine fusion, more machine Digital Fusion building of laser displayed big screen system has no physical gap, and no fragmented sense, advantage, can rendering high quality of whole site super big picture.