Outdoor Light Source Three Headlights All-Around Paragon Shanrui M60


Swiss as mountain of m-Series product line, paragraph, M60 should place the shanrui to the high end of expectations. Judging from the power supply, use 2 AA batteries, the M60 in lightweight style, equipped with 17mm light Cup, not to strike, and for roughly 30~80 meters away from the use of compromise on the volume, range, light choices. M60 features are specifically set up a floodlight lamp holder, provide wide flood light for close-range use. With IPX8 waterproof, combining the above characteristics, the M60 is a position higher-end, highlighting the light focused on camp activities such as hiking, camping, and close lighting uses, such as repairs, handmade, the highlight is a flood lamp.

Shanrui dual light source lamp M60, introduced from Asia outdoor trade fair light, attracted the attention of many people. This list can be said to be "long-awaited" because it is in a lot of new standards in performance, establishing a professional outdoor lights outside, also won the outdoor information network equipment recommended award 2010.

More user-friendly electric double-driven design, flood and spotlight, combination of cold and warm light and delay extinguish technology application and top light, coupled with the excellent IPX-8 waterproof performance, the M60 is a new benchmark in households outside lights seem to be a bit too much.

Because the batteries are sold in supermarkets, past the 3-cell battery-powered head lamps still bring some inconvenience to users. 2AA batteries through a circuit of booster treatment, to drive a high power LED, brought a lot of convenience in use.