MY Integrated Optical Engine Will Debut In 2013 Engineers LED Lighting


On November 25, 2013 to be held in Guangzhou poly Gallery engineers on LED lighting, meiya optoelectronic module of its representative products--MY integrated optical engine. MY integrated optical engine products are divided into round and square the series, according to candle lamp, ball lamp, lamp, ceiling lamp, fluorescent lamps, grille, three lamps, panels, and other light products.

Zhu Mingfu introduction, MY perfect configuration of the integrated optical engine optical, electrical, chromatic and thermal parameters, with high efficiency, high color rendering, high power factor, intelligent control, high performance, low cost and other advantages.

"We have power LED lamp bead (HV-LEDs) and high tension line IC chip integration to make integration with optical engine, greatly enhance the utilization of the light source and power, so that you can ensure the same material can produce better light output, that is, better light efficiency and light quality. In other words, if the customer requests the same light quality and light output, material costs can be reduced accordingly. "Zhu Mingfu said.

In addition, the integration of optical light engine from the finished lamp just a shell kit, as long as customers spend less than a minute can assemble it into a lamp, almost without any equipment. In other words, lamps and lanterns factory without additional equipment and constructed on the basis of capacity expanded 10 times or even dozens of times, effectively reducing the processing cost.