Shenzhen LED Marketing Integration But Low Value-Added Products


Shenzhen LED industry concentrates the largest cluster, LED packaging, displays, lighting product quality, output and exports were the highest in the nation.

According to GSC industry monitoring data show 2014 LED industrial output reached 346.006 billion yuan in Guangdong Province, rose 23.09%, industry ranks first in the country. Shenzhen LED production scale among the forefront of industrial gross domestic product growth in 2008 from 18 billion yuan to 133.566 billion yuan in 2014, ranking first in the province, the province's output of 38.6%. Huizhou (50.835 billion) in the second, Zhongshan (39.882 billion yuan in third place. In terms of output, Guangdong, Shenzhen LED output far exceeds other regions. At present, Shenzhen is the country's largest production base of the LED package and LED display, Dongguan has attracted many Taiwan LED companies, had attracted a large number of international companies settled in Huizhou.

After years of development, China's LED industry has formed a relatively complete industrial chain. Overall, the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta is the most concentrated area domestic LED industry, mid and lower complete industry chain, concentrating more than 80% companies, but also domestic LED industry's fastest-growing region, comprehensive advantage is quite obvious, and LED-related equipment and raw materials suppliers have settled in the two regions. Shenzhen and Dongguan as a National Semiconductor Lighting industry base, Shenzhen-Dongguan Hui LED industrial development in the region is the most mature, supporting the most perfect, industrial scale is also largest in the Pearl River Delta region.