LED Commercial Lighting Market Continues To Expand


TrendForce its green energy business unit LEDinside latest Silver members: commercial lighting-lamps with integrated lighting market report showed, LED commercial lighting market continued to expand in the world, among them, the lamp and the development of integrated commercial lighting market is particularly looking forward to. LEDinside estimated 2015 Global LED lighting product market size of US $ 25.65 billion, including lamp output value reached 3.44 billion dollars, commercial lighting and pose (Panel light Troffer) were $ 450 million, the market continued to grow steadily.

LEDinside research Deputy Manager Wu Yingjie says 2014 lamp with integrated production of commercial lighting production in 2013, representing a significant growth, causing prices to fall rapidly, affecting dealers pathways of effects. However the situation in 2015 will be improved significantly, mainly due to the lamp tube costs structure stabilised, and upgrade the degree of standardization to sales and reduced inventory risk.

United States LED intelligent, active development applications in optical communications, Japan preference for energy efficient products

United States the major manufacturers are actively developing LED lighting business, rising proportion of LED lighting products, also rolled a lot of LED lighting products, and gradually began to intelligent and optical communications and other new areas of application development. LEDinside estimated 2015 United States total LED lighting market size of US $ 5.33 billion, commercial lamps lamp with a pose compared to about 14.3%.

Japan market preference to launch high efficiency products, hoping to effect of low current drive and save electricity. Product however the disadvantage is the need to put more luminous flux of the LED package to meet the requirements of the standard, the product price will increase. Wu Yingjie said in addition to efficient lamps and luminaires, but Japan commercial policies more flexible, with a high color rendering and lighting design and wireless control, introduction of dimmable tinting system, more than hundred lamps can be adjusted once, heights and energy-saving lighting concept, the product can be applied to a wider range of commercial space. For example, Panasonic, Toshiba, Endo and Iris Ohyama is launching high efficiency lamps with integrated commercial lighting.