Integration LEDT5 Fluorescent Tubes Detailed Description


Integration of energy saving and high efficiency LEDT5 fluorescent tube

Led lighting can subvert the traditional lighting models, a Research Institute said, customer demand is the nature of light itself, this demand dominates and will not change for a long time. Led lighting top priority is how to provide a more comfortable and high quality lighting environment. Intelligent lighting products and customer requirements using simple, not complicated process, so at this stage lighting is not to subvert the traditional and alternative lighting, but as a supplement, mainly to meet customer demand for intelligent lighting. LED lighting lighting in the next 10 years is expected to 30% per cent of total demand.

In 2014, mobile Internet, the rise of smart devices in the lighting field set off a storm of wisdom, helps in high end photo market breakthroughs. Future mobile terminal enables users to control home lighting environments, custom application and realization of intelligent lighting control. At present, the baby photoelectric has constantly developed new products, has recently released several innovative LED lighting lamps, high light efficiency, using less and less.

Product features

1. adopt aluminum pipe structure, appearance, and good heat dissipation.

2. built-in constant-current drive, efficiency, and stability.

3. the use of SMD LED as the light source, high luminous efficiency and long life.

4. fast response time, LED response time to the nanosecond.

5. environmental protection, no heavy metals and noxious gases.

6. energy-saving than traditional fluorescent energy saving 65 respectively.

7. There is no flicker, start fast, light, soft, and eye protection.

8. easy to install, easy to use.