LED Tri-Proof Light With What Kind Of Advantage?


With the economic development and environmental changes, the industry on the operation of the LED Tri-proof Light equipment requirements have been synchronized with the international level, the fire department is highlighted on the mobile emergency lighting products, high quality, high brightness, lighting life Long, waterproof explosion-proof and so put forward a higher demand, the traditional three-lamp has been unable to meet the needs of the scene environment or lighting, compared to the traditional lighting, LED Tri-proof Light and what kind of advantage?

First, three long lamp life: LED as a semiconductor solid-state light-emitting devices, compared with other luminous body has a longer life, the brightness half-life is usually up to 100,000 hours or more. And low power consumption: LED is a low-voltage working device, so in the same brightness, the power consumption is minimal, can save a lot of energy, with the future of technology exhibition, LED light efficiency will achieve higher efficiency; Light safety and environmental protection: LED lamps do not exist such as watermarks, lead and other environmental pollution, so people will be LED light source known as the green light is worthy of the well.

Three lights with its energy saving, safe and reliable advantages of urban lighting has gradually become the main force, and the fence tube, floodlights and many other new lamps, creating a city of Ambilight, whenever the lanterns, all kinds of lamps So that in the new historical development period, a variety of economic, social, national policy to promote and other factors determine the cast light has a considerable market prospects.

As the market for the LED Tri-proof Light demand, so many manufacturers are in the study of light production technology to enhance the upgrading of manufacturing equipment and equipment to improve the cost of LED Tri-proof Light to make it better to meet market demand, instead of traditional lighting market.

LED Tri-proof Light in the field of decorative lighting is mainly used by its unique performance advantage of the decision, compared with the traditional cast light, three lamps with energy saving, environmental protection, economic, safe, stable and reliable performance, long life, decoration Good effect, can achieve gradient, jump, color flicker, random flicker, gradient alternation and other dynamic effects, can fully meet the market demand, so very popular.

At present, the vast majority of the LED Tri-proof Light plant lighting is made of red light (630-640nm is the conventional, 660nm price is more expensive) and blue light (460 470nm is the conventional 440nm partial purple light price), LED lighting The factory is still in the Chinese market is still in the cognitive and run-in period, and the next two to three years will be LED Tri-proof Light plant lighting in the Chinese market, the rapid rise of the old estimate of five years LED plant lights in the Chinese market into the outbreak The