What Is The Essential Difference Between The LED Tri-Proof Light And The Explosion-Proof Lamp?


With the improvement of living standards, every household is a bit self-evident, from the electricity, people's lives are getting better, in addition to the home used in the lamp, there are many different kinds of other lights, different lights to people's lives will also play a different role, such as three lights and explosion-proof lights, the following together to talk about their differences and uses it.

LED Tri-proof Light refers to waterproof and dustproof anti-corrosion, explosion-proof lamp is not a spark, some explosion-proof lamp contains three, and LED Tri-proof Light does not contain explosion-proof. LED Tri-proof Light and explosion-proof lamps are only the shell is different, can choose a variety of light source. The choice of the light source mainly sees the use:

1, street lamp general metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, the disadvantage starts slowly, the advantage energy-saving, the power is big, penetrates the haze ability strong, especially the high-pressure sodium lamp and so on the fog performance is good.

2, for high-frequency switching lamps and lanterns to choose incandescent lamp and LED energy-saving lamps can, led price of the highest energy-saving lamps second, the lowest incandescent lamp.

3, for the High power field cost-effective or gold halide lamp and high-pressure sodium lamp, you can do 1000W.

4, General Office occasions preferred energy-saving lamps, economic allows the choice of LED. For high-rise buildings and chimneys, such as the selection of special high-altitude barrier lights.

5, in person may encounter the lamp and all other possible dangerous occasions in view of the use of 24V, 36V lamps, LED effect is the best, such as the reaction kettle used in the LED explosion-proof hole lamp, is 36V.

6, the frequency of Flash has required occasions, indoor Basketball Hall table Tennis Hall can not use energy-saving lamps.

7, for shopping malls, such as the color index is required for occasions can not be selected colored lamps and other effects of color display, (special color requirements, such as advertising effects, etc.).

The above is a small section for you to provide the knowledge of the two points, I hope to bring you help, more relevant information, please continue to pay attention to the company's website, we will continue to serve you!