How To Distinguish The Material Of LED Tri-Proof Light


LED Tri-proof Light are generally used for strong corrosion, more dust, rain-drenched industrial lighting needs, such as: power plants, steel, petrochemical, ships, stadiums, parking, basements and so on. This will require LED Tri-proof Light material to be very good, let us look at the LED Tri-proof Light material how to distinguish.

A: see if there is a national test report;

Second: Look at the product packaging, including product trademarks, nominal power, marking the content, with a soft wet cloth wipe, legible signs should be qualified;

Three: Qualified energy-saving LED Tri-proof Light in the experimental state can reach 5,000 hours of normal use, up to 2000 hours, if not meet this standard, that is, lemon;

IV: Safety requirements, installation, removal process, see the cap is loose, there is no crooked head phenomenon, whether insulation

Optional: General attention: First, the purchase of those through the safety certification and national Green lighting project recommended products, do not buy three products; second, visual inspection, please note that the lamp and the shell is loose, the phosphor is homogeneous, there is or no particle presence, the thickness of the LED Tri-proof Light should not be too large changes. Good products are also used correctly to prolong their life. Manufacturers should ensure that any protective safety compliance, light ready to reach a certain level, more than 8,000 hours of life expectancy, labeling problems before there is a certain quality assurance. Also consider the technical parameters of electronic ballast.

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