LED Tri-Proof Light Operating Temperature Can Reach The Number Of Degrees


LED Tri-proof Light work environment in the range of -30 to +45 degrees, if the ambient temperature exceeds 45, to 60, or even to 80, their shorter life, as long as the LED lamp beads, especially LED power drive easy to break.

LED Tri-proof Light is a special protective material made of anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-oxidation of a special lamp, the lamp on the circuit control board for corrosion, water, anti-oxidation treatment, for the electrical box sealed heat dissipation characteristics, wisdom Temperature control three anti-lights dedicated working circuit, reducing the power inverter operating temperature, the strong isolation of the protection of the road, the insulator double insulation treatment to ensure the safety and reliability of the line. According to the actual working environment of three anti-lights, the surface of the protective equipment for nano-spray moisture-proof anti-corrosion treatment, put an end to the dust and moisture into.

LED Tri-proof Light, generally used for heavy industrial sites, three anti-lamp comparison Conventional lamps have the following advantages: corrosion, corrosion, dust, water, high temperature, durability and so on. Then there are three anti-lamps on the lamp quality requirements higher, the use of accessories, light sources, electrical appliances and lighting assembly have a certain high demand.

In recent years, LED can be described as one of the fastest growing, most market value of the industry, the development is in full swing. Today, a brief introduction to the development of LED history.

LED is Light Emitting Diode short, meaning light-emitting diodes. Is a solid-state semiconductor device capable of converting electrical energy into visible light, which can convert electricity directly into light.

With the continuous development of semiconductor luminescent materials, LED manufacturing process of continuous progress and new materials (nitride crystals and phosphor) development and application of various colors of ultra-high brightness LED has made a breakthrough, its luminescence Efficiency improved by nearly 1000 times, the color has been achieved in the visible light band of all colors, the most important of which is the emergence of ultra-high brightness white LED, LED applications to cross the field of high efficiency lighting to become possible. It has been pointed out that high brightness LED will be one of the greatest inventions of mankind after Edison invented incandescent bulbs.