Tri-Proof Light Fixtures Suitable For Installation Of Light Source


Tri-proof Light use places:

1. Food factory, beverage factory, wine kitchen and other food-related places; food safety has been deeply rooted in the people, the relevant state departments of food safety supervision more stringent, food factory lighting source, more or less contain some Harmful substances, if it is installed directly to use, the lamp is likely to cause damage to food contamination, which would, plus a lamp outside the protective effect, even if the inside of the lamp is broken, those harmful substances do not leak out of contaminated food, three The lamp has this function.

2. More humid, steam and gas is relatively large, the need for moisture-proof anti-fog lighting sites; This allows the installation of direct lighting fixtures, prone to failure, because the wet, easy to cause short circuit or related lighting equipment damage, plus a Tri-proof Light, you can leave the lights and the external environment, not only can be waterproof, as well as the role of anti-fog.

Dust dust and other places or dust-free workshop; dust dust, easy into the lights inside the accessories, there may be caused by failure, and not easy to clean, which will use Tri-proof Light protection up, Play dust clean effect.

Tri-proof Light fixtures suitable for installation of the light source:

I am mainly introduced here is the main type of straight tube fluorescent tube:

1. Tri-proof Light can be installed T5 energy-saving fluorescent lamp, T5 energy-saving fluorescent lamp is the third generation of energy-saving light source, the main feature is to further improve the light efficiency, more energy-saving lamps, color better, life extension of 3 times, fast start, no flash Of the characteristics, is an ideal alternative to ordinary fluorescent light source.

2. Tri-proof Light can be installed T8 ordinary fluorescent lamp, which is a relatively wide range of lamps, is designed for ordinary fluorescent lamps, with versatility.

3.LED Tri-proof Light, which is modified from the T8 three anti-lamp, the essence is a T8 Tri-proof Light, but the wiring is different from the ballast, directly installed the same specifications of the LED fluorescent lamp on it.

4. tube in the tube Tri-proof Light, the principle and the LED Tri-proof Light is the same, but the tube is a new type of energy-saving design of the product, the cover of the efficient light back, light utilization is higher, Costs are much lower than LEDs.